Tuesday, July 24, 2007


at almost midnight we returned to melbourne after a full and extraordinarily good trip to perth.  we spent five days with andrew hamilton (hamo) and his family while participating in w.a.'s second intensive.  during the three-day forge event, we gathered with about 25 participants and had the privilege to teach four sessions together. 

with this diverse group from a wide spectrum of denominations and ministry/mission contexts we talked through the story of communality, discipleship in mission, theology of creation care and practical ways to conserve and live as good stewards. 

when we weren't doing the talking, we were richly edified by others who shared - local heroes working in the "ordinary," folks from an innovative faith community in melbourne called "solace" , a love-filled peace activist - jarrod mckenna, and hamo's wife - danelle - a whole separate blog post coming up of her talk on family in mission.  we came away with so much more than we offered.

in addition to the time with the forge gig, we had a lovely evening with hamo's small missional church group in their neighborhood (upstream community).  it couldn't have felt more like home.  these people were so kind and comforting and the table fellowship we shared was sacred and restorative.  they are doing the hardest of missionary work in the suburbs.

it was the unexpected that blessed us most - time with hamo's children, the honesty of people on a journey, a glimpse of a treasured friendship between the hamilton's and a fascinating couple they are loving into the kingdom, the color of the indian ocean in the morning.  we slept well, enjoyed home-roasted coffee, spent a delightful afternoon with geoff's aunt and uncle, and throughout we were reminded that grace is manifest and god is always at work.


upstream said...

You guys were sensational!

Thanks for sharing the time with us

Anonymous said...

so, first I have to say that you guys make me so happy and I wish we could have met more than once for coffee before you left...also wish I had found your blog earlier! so cool...and second, when will you be back in the states?

Hillary Bullock
(former Transy student, will try anything three times and I owe you one)

geoff and sherry said...

hi hillary - thanks for making contact. we'll be back the first of september. we'll look forward to catching up with you - we can't wait to get back to third street coffee.