Monday, September 15, 2008

isaac is square

here is a picture of isaac on his birthday two weeks ago.  he is mostly like this...talking and animated.  he is a joy to be around and today we went to his 5-year-old checkup.  he read letters with authority from the eye test chart.  he received a very good report from the doctor...he weighs 44.5 pounds and is 44 inches tall.  this, the doctor suggested, makes isaac almost perfectly square.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

family visit and a birthday

geoff's parents, kev and kath, have been visiting with us for the last two weeks and they leave to head home to Melbourne on Sunday.

it's been a great time for all of us to catch up on life in Australia but especially for isaac to be with his grandparents.  isaac had all four of his grandparents here for his 5th birthday on Sept. 1st and we need not say that the boy was spoiled beyond any reasonable measure.  sherry made him a batman cake for his party celebration which we shared at our sunday night fellowship gathering.


DSC_1421  DSC_1400