Tuesday, October 27, 2009

civics 101

as the east end project liaison for the legacy center, sherry has been working with a local non-profit to host a grassroots leadership course.  last week they met at the city council building.  the vice mayor and several council representatives were there to greet the students and talk about how local government works.  it has been an important exercise in civic engagement and a key learning experience for those eager to make a difference in this city. many of the participants are neighbors and friends from our east-end neighborhood.  (sherry is standing on the far left).


here sherry and isaac cuddle in the back row of the council chambers.  and here's sherry talking with the vice mayor.



Sunday, October 25, 2009

a new kitchen

last week we received the beautiful present of handmade kitchen furniture.   Sherry's dad (Paul) is a gifted furniture maker and crafted this piece from an idea-sketch Sherry had.  after our bathroom/kitchen disaster of  the summer '08 we made do with a potting bench from the shed as our kitchen countertop.  now we have this magnificent piece to use and enjoy.  thanks Papa!



Monday, October 12, 2009

and then there were 4

we added a family member this week.  sherry's sister had been fostering a dog in Birmingham Alabama for an animal shelter.  she told us about Lilly and after much prayer, discussion, worry, discussion (we talk a lot), and excitement we decided to adopt her (the dog, not sherry's sister...Dacy already has a family).  Lilly is an 18 month-old Kelpie - an Australian cattle dog.  how could we say no?  she just weaned her litter of 9 pups and has been spade so there's no more of that business.  she is house trained and a very sweet natured puppy - and hardly sheds any hair (very important).  isaac is over the moon and we can't help but love her too.  here she is enjoying the warm Fall sunshine today.