Saturday, January 20, 2007

coast and coffee



isaac has quickly taken to the aussie beach lifestyle.  here he is wih his grandma in the water as the seagulls look on.  this is altona beach, about 5 mins drive from mum and dad's place.


...and we have been spoiled by a vist from dear family (the athavle's from sydney).  here we are at a local italian cafe for breakfast.  it's easy to get back into the cafe culture has more cafes per capita than any other city in the world.

...and if you're interested in knowing, here's a link to a map showing where we are living: 


aseel said...

glad you made it there safely! give isaac a big hug from all of us!

Lydia said...

We are so happy to see that you made it safely, despite what must have seemed like an endless journey. Your pictures are great and we wish more than anything we could be there with you right now...we already miss you dearly. All the best & much love to everyone...