Friday, January 12, 2007

getting ready, saying good-bye

the last week has been full of good visits with friends.  we leave on Tuesday (Jan. 16th) and we will not return to Lexington till August 31st.  so we have been experiencing the joyful anticipation of our visit to Australia and at the same time some sadness at leaving dear friends for over 7 months.


(here's a picture of sherry with isaac and our friends who live at Raven's Run - Anna and her twins, Elara and Leo)

in the last week we also met Esther and her son Marve.  they are refugees from Congo.  we were glad to pass our desktop computer on to them and saddened to hear of their struggles as they lost their home in africa and suffered horribly as refugees in uganda for 5 years.

new friend









new friend 2


WITWATW said...

Hey guys - thinking of you doing all the goodbyes and last things. Hava a safe and enjoyable trip - Sherry, hope your feeling better! Talk to you when you get there. Love from the PNG tribe.

rev tc said...

hey guys,
for some strange reason i can actually imagine your struggles with excitement for the new phase and the pain of leaving.
am looking forward to keeping up with your adventure in oz, and to hear of your learnings with forge.
and to hear about the footy....go catters!!!