Monday, January 29, 2007

isaac's first day of school

yesterday we dropped isaac by the neighborhood preschool for him to have a brief orientation (time to play without us) so we can bring him today for his official first day.  he'll go to school on tuesdays, which will be one of the days we can work together.  he can stay as long as we need him to (any time between 7:30 - 5:00) and they serve him morning tea and lunch with an optional nap.  he was a little sad to be left yesterday.  it certainly will take some time for him to understand the accents of the other children and the teachers.  as i was leaving him, a little boy standing with us began telling me a dramatic story of a dead lamb, and with his thick accent, all i caught was "a dead lamb."  it gave me pause.

while isaac was reluctantly undergoing orientation, geoff and i went across the street for a walk around a footy oval and on a suburban trail.  within five minutes of setting out, we saw and heard such an array of birds - magpies, two guinea fowl, a sulfur-crested cockatoo, pink and gray galahs, willy wagtails, and black swans.  by the way, these are some of the delightful birds that wake me each morning around 6:15 a.m.  it is a welcome change from the customary bus stop grind that i would hear every morning like clockwork in lexington (being on the corner, we have bus stops on both sides of our house).

after collecting a releived boy, we took him down to the news agency for a special treat - a chocolate (cadbury) freddo frog.  we'll see how today things, new people.

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Dick said...

Not really use to blogging, but what a great way to keep in touch!
Dick and Judy