Tuesday, January 23, 2007

lost in translation

we went into the queen victoria market yesterday and enjoyed the stunning variety of fruit, veg, seafood, clothing stalls, deli's, and the general mayhem of a massive city market (see this link for more about the queen vic.)

isaac's grandma, seizing every opportunity to spoil him in these early days, bought him a superman toy.  we all had a good laugh reading the packaging 'narrative'.  if you have seen the latest superman movie it is especially funny.

here it is and a photo of the text from this fantastic toy manufactured by the good people of china...

'The superman is in several years the trial return to the home towns and did not succeed,hence re- return to New York, but unfortunate is he discovers that own lover Louis silk has already had the male friend and a child the......"



jkoch said...

what does this mean about superman? is lois not in the picture anymore?

geoff and sherry said...

no, the chinese have revealed that superman has an underside we didn't know about. apparently he's after louis, but of course louis already has a male friend...and a child.