Tuesday, January 16, 2007



 here is isaac helping us pack and weigh our cases.  he felt like things would go better if he was superman (strength, speed, etc.)  when he stood on the scales he exclaimed, "i'm 40 o'clock!"


so it is the day of departure and we are feeling ready.  we fly from lexington to atlanta where we will have a 3 hour layover...we are excited to see sherry's parents there and say a final farewell.


then we fly to London (gatwick) transfer to heathrow by bus...our dear friend rachel turner and one of her daughter's (eve) will meet us for a quick visit.  then we board our longest flight at about midday london time (6am-ish Wed. Lexington time).  the flight to melbourne is a robust 23 hour jaunt.  we arrive around 10pm melbourne time on thursday evening (6am thursday morning in Lexington).

we appreciate prayers as we travel and especially as we transfer in London and catch the bus.  for those of you migt not know, we retunr to Lexington on August 31st.


Marie Eldridge said...

Issac is such a cutie. I am going to miss him and you guys too. Keep me updated on things in Australia.

WITWATW said...

40 o'clock! That son of yours really has grown!

geoff and sherry said...

Thanks Marie for your kind comments. We love knowing that you are keeping up with us. Thanks for loving our kids so much.