Thursday, February 1, 2007

The love of the library

Talk about feeling grounded and adjusted, we were issued a library card yesterday. We went down to the local library with Kath first so she could show us around – it is in walking distance, next to the shops. We returned with a piece of mail (proof of address) and Geoff’s passport and now we’re in. as a family, we cherish the public library. It is an integral part of our weekly outings in Lexington and we are pleased to so quickly establish it as part of our routine here (especially for isaac’s sake). At any given time, we can check out 25 items. Of course we’ll exercise a considerable amount of constraint since we recently proved ourselves somewhat unreliable with borrowed items in Lexington (I won’t mentioned any names, Geoff) and we are a bit foggy with the cultural change. I did check out a contemporary Australian classic, “My Brother Jack” by George Johnston. I intentionally left books at back in the States so I would have the space and desire to delve into Australian books while we’re here. So much can be understood about a place and people through its literature and fictional characters. I noticed one department in the library with periodicals and recent materials that is divided into sections by language – Vietnamese, Serbian, Chinese, to name a few, and this, in a small neighborhood branch. Diversity here is interwoven into the ordinary fabric of life and I love it. At this new and innovative library, you don’t even need a librarian to assist with check out. They have a station where you scan it yourself.

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