Wednesday, February 14, 2007

our own forge intensive

this week we are participating in the forge leaders boot camp.  they are staying at a catholic retreat center in the city and we are coming in each day for the meetings and discussions.  it is probably the most important event we will attend while we are here.   Alan Hirsch is officially transfering his leadership to a guy from Perth and he is reviewing his book, step-by-step, and restating forge "DNA" as they call it.  We are meeting people from all our the country and working next to the Vic team more closely.  We feel really honored to be at such an 'insiders' gathering and really impressed with how open the team is to our presence.  We'll post more.  We're off to catch the train.

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WITWATW said...

Hope its a brillo time guys. Soak up all the knowledge and splendor!