Wednesday, March 28, 2007

(coffee and) food for risen bodies

While sherry was spending time with her reading group this morning i had the honor of enjoying coffee with three great blokes engaged in important work in the city of footscray.  greg (pastor of the multi-ethnic church where mum and dad worship and serve), john (transplanted californian missionary with forge, red, and a re-imagined church of christ), and marcus (urban seed worker and educator) were fantastic company and the conversation was most stimulating.  looking forward to spending more time with these guys.

towards the end of our time together marcus showed us the promo handout for his community's easter sunday celebration (see it here in a flickr pic).  he is using an amazing poem to frame a reflection on our hopes and expectations in a risen Jesus.  below is the beautifully visceral description of "food for risen bodies."  (ps: the poem comes in 6 parts and this is part 2)


Food for Risen Bodies
Michael Symmons Roberts

On that final night, his meal was formal:
lamb with bitter leaves of endive, chervil,
bread with olive oil and jars of wine.

Now on Tiberias' shores he grills
a carp and catfish breakfast on a charcoal fire.
This is not hunger, this is resurrection:

he eats because he can, and wants to
taste the scales, the moist flakes of the sea,
to rub the salt into his wounds.

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