Thursday, March 15, 2007

dangerous stories 2 - pictures

i finally uploaded some pics from the australian emerging-missional church summit. 

here are some highlights and pictures to match...

highlight #1  spending time with Mary we are getting things ready on the friday.  Mary stayed with us at John and Glena Smith's place...the Smith's were away over the weekend but graciously allowed us to stay in their home as it was close to the conference.


highlight #2  seeing old friends/mentors...a very formative person in my life has been this man, Dave Fuller.  Other important hero's for the journey who were there included Shirl Osborne, Steve Barrington, and Dave Andrews.


highlight #3  hanging out with and learning from the Forge the foreground ( left to right) are Kim, Phil, and Al, all remarkable servants and missionaries.


highlight #4  spending a some time with wolfgang simson (author of 'houses that changed the world').  i picked him up from the airport at 1.30am friday night...he's a real character.


highlight #5  the usual, the best bits of a large gathering like this are the wonderful conversations that happen between the official parts.  here are a couple of panoramas that show the 600+ people just before they stood up, walked around, and talked to one another. 



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