Sunday, March 4, 2007

a picnic a pony

yesterday (sunday) we attended a 4th birthday party.  it was a special day of a new friend of isaac's, and the party was held at a park beside st kilda beach.  it was gorgeous weather and the highlight for isaac was his first ride on a horse...well, pony.  plodding along at a pedestrian pace on a stump-legged stead didn't quell isaac's adventurous spirit (and imagination).  there were cries of "giddyup, yooo-hoooo, i'm a cowboy!", and "ride'm cowboy, come on nugget!"  isaac also managed to make several new friendships with complete strangers at the park.  in public places he tends to operate with the assumption that every single person is a potential new friend.  "outgoing" doesn't begin to describe it.












here's isaac, sherry and the wild-at-heart pony called 'nugget'.  in the background you can see the parched grass (still a severe drought here), palm trees, and the beach.  and here he is enjoying some birthday cake...minus utensils.



jkoch said...

i'm going to go ahead and build a fence in your backyard for a nugget. i need a hobby right now and just think about the hours of enjoyment a pony can bring! we missed you guys this weekend at the shower, but i guess we miss you most of the time anyways. glad to read that isaac's making some new friends and enjoying the chocolate cake. next time let him give that pony a good trot.

the hambricks said...

i love seeing photos of you all! i miss you. you HAVE to tell me what camera you have. i'm sure your photography skills are fab, but your camera seems really incredible.
love you guys-

geoff and sherry said...

hey randel,
glad you like the photos. the good photos are entirely due to a brilliant camera we were given by a remarkably generous friend...a professional photographer named jeff rogers (see his work here:
the camera is a Nikon D70. as you can see it takes amazing photos and hopefully even better ones as i learn to use it properly.
peace to you and your family...

and jodean, we missed you too. and don't worry too much about a nugget-y friend, we think your hobby-time will be otherwise booked with the arrival of koch-3. missing you and praying for a blessed final few weeks of baby-on-the-inside.