Tuesday, April 17, 2007

travel log part II

DSC_9128we are back in melbourne after a fabulous holiday in queensland and 2,500 miles/4,000 kilometers of driving.  our trip home from noosa, in 36 hours, geoff drove 24 of those hours with a brief stop-off and snooze in sydney.  we saw a small, but significant piece of this massive land and it is diverse and stunning in its scope.  as we traveled, we crossed through drought-ridden victoria with brown paddocks, green hills of new south wales, the semi-tropical glitz of sydney and fields of bananas, avocados, sugar cane and macadamia nuts in queensland.  and the road kill, and there was alot, was kangaroo.


our time with the athavle family was precious.  it was a treasure to be with them as a family on holiday, relaxing and enjoying one another and the beach.  we basked in their love and generosity.  we stayed at a gorgeous resort with exceptional facilities for families - pools, parks, canoes, catamarans, beach toys and cricket equipment, bikes for hire, games, movie nights, etc.  we woke early every morning to see the sunrise and we napped with isaac every afternoon.  we ate fresh seafood, delicious curries, and local produce.  for five days, we didn't know the  time or the date.  we didn't wear shoes, answer a phone or open an email.  it was truly restful. 


in addition, we were blessed to celebrate our risen Lord on easter with family in sydney.  we went to church and isaac ate a sizeable amount of chocolate, despite being sick with a fever.  at that time, however, we missed our family of faith in lexington very much and thought of their gathering 10,000 miles away.  we had a brief visit with mary fisher (she lives in the adjacent suburb in sydney).  it was inspiring and life-giving as we continue to talk with her about trinitarian theology and frame our understanding of relationship with god and with others in mission.  we are honored to dream with her about the kingdom.


as a foreigner temporarily residing here, it was a privilege to get to see so much of eastern australia, but i also felt a bit unhinged.  to travel within travel is always a strange sensation - a bit like being suspended in time and space - so it was comforting to see the melbourne skyline and arrive home to altona meadows with kev and kath.


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jkoch said...

looks like you guys had a beautiful vacation! so glad to hear of your adventures. we're definitely having some adventures here too. does living on little sleep count? we sure do miss you guys and can't wait for asher to meet the fam. by the way, tell isaac thanks for the tanks. asher looks hot in them. i put some more pics on my blog and on the flickr account.