Saturday, May 26, 2007

urban seed

a couple of weeks ago we visited a brilliant missional community/initiative called 'urban seed.' they are located in the heart of the city's CBD. we had visited before (7 years ago and then 4 years ago), and in terms of addressing issues of urban poverty from a gospel perspective, this collective is the best we have seen. for a more detailed run-down of urban seed, see this website.

we met with the director, mark pierson, and then gathered with some volunteers, staff and homeless folk for the credo cafe service which is always followed by a lunch. over the years the community has generated some great, local art and writings. during the fellowship gathering we were all given a folder containing songs and prayers, many of which had been written by people from urban seed. this 'credo benediction' was typical of the simple, elegant, and indigenous writings that have emerged in this place like a blade of grass through concrete:

credo benediction

may god, who is completely dependable, help us to trust him, grow wiser, and learn that his answers are best.

even in the midst of the concrete jungle, may we know that we can discover jesus' love, life, safety, and peace.

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