Tuesday, May 8, 2007

the value of a phone call

using skype (what a great thing) i called my dear friend aida in lexington.  we have been friends since the end of 2000 when she and her husband were resettled in kentucky from sarajevo.  we've been through significant, life-changing events together over the years and we love one another as family.

we hadn't spoken since her birthday in february and it was such a comfort to hear her voice again.  she told me she keeps up with us every day on this blog and it made me smile to think of it.  the days we don't post she said she is sad.  we talked, eagerly catching up, as if we were sitting over lunch.  we spoke of  our time in australia, of her family and their new home, of gas prices and the economy in the u.s. and how much we miss one another.  still in my pajamas, i had to race to get dressed and on to a meeting.  my day started with my heart elsewhere.

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