Tuesday, June 12, 2007

bikes and refugees


our housemate laura sent us an email with  this link -http://www.kentucky.com/211/story/95295.html - an article in the local paper about her husband brad and the work he does in refurbishing bikes for refugees at the local bike shop where he works.  this is a critical act of generosity and justice for refugees as having a bike can make all the difference in employment and a basic level of mobility and freedom.  have a look and please remember the refugees in lexington in your prayers - for job opportunities, for health and well-being especially of the children, and for the local church to respond faithfully in meeting their needs.

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lauraemily said...

I am so proud! I am greatful not only for B's efforts, but also for Sarah Vos and Pablo Alcala who chose to report it and then got it published with a huge picture top, center on the front page. I think their choice of quotes and photos gives insight into the depth of meaning a simple object of autonomy can have for people who have been so long in situations where they have had so little control. I especially liked Saiful's "Bike is the one thing I don't have to wait for no one," and Marx's "It [the abilty to ride fast] is something I got in my blood now, When I'm riding slow, I get tired too much."
I also think the coverage is testimony to the power of our community. While B gets the public credit this time, so many people are a part of this: from G&S introducing us to KRM 5 yrs ago,to some of our employment/internships/volunteering at KRM, to the Grahams for housing Marx and Sah, to all of us moving furniture and donating time, to Billy (Pedal Power owner) who respects Communality's efforts to love through faith and therefore supports the initiative, to new friends like Brian and Sara Turner of Cricket Press for designing the logo to help market the program. I am so proud to be a part of this network of goodness.