Thursday, June 7, 2007

the musings of a boy


isaac and i had a very talkative time on our walk today.  we spent about an hour getting to the shops and back and isaac had a lot to say.  here's a sampling -

we crossed in front of the library (where we go regularly) and he said "no thanks library, i don't need any of your books today."

while walking past empty lots with random bits of rubbish, he saw a cadbury fredo frog wrapper (his favorite treat) and said "i haven't had one of those in ages."

spontaneously, he also took some time to pray and he asked "god, please don't make superman pretend" - a point we are desperately trying to drive home because two days ago he told us that if superman is pretend, then jesus must be...hmmmm.

further down we passed a discarded mcdonald's cup and he quickly sang "mcdonald's, mcdonald's, i love mcdonald's and mcdonald's loves me."

lastly, we listened to a large crow at the top of a light post.  isaac said, 'i don't like crows" to which i responded, "i don't like crows either...they sound like dick cheney."  he said "dick cheney...i love dick cheney."


we have a song we've been singing lately about jesus walking on the lake (thanks sean and reba for the great music) and isaac stopped the other day and said "jesus can't walk on water."  we said, yes, that's what they say.  in his disbelief, he responded with two plausible options, he said "jesus must have taken off all his clothes, or he put on his duckie and floated."


jkoch said...

good to know you guys have a young republican on your hands.

Marie Eldridge said...

He has grown so much! Can't wait to see him when you all come back to Lexington.

jen said...

thanks for the funny isaac sayings! tp and i were cracking up tonight.

RICHARD said...

Reading about Isaac's comment about Jesus not being able to walk on water reminded me of something I heard a "famous, but Christian, newscaster" say at a conference last year (can't recall his name): he was expounding on how CNN, etc report only on NEGATIVE things, and that their report would not have been "Jesus walks on water", but rather "Jesus can't swim!".