Friday, June 29, 2007

the pleasure of acupuncture

recently, i've had the opportunity to visit a local chinese doctor for acupuncture.  there is a small clinic in our neighborhood shopping centre that advertises everything from reflexology and massage to cupping (whatever that might be).  for months i've been tempted to wander in and place myself in the care of these practitioners of eastern medicine.  when i finally went in i had a lovely chat with an older chinese man as he tried to assess my needs (treatment for my chronic and strange hip problem).  as we talked, he told me "australia is rubbish" with a pained bitterness because he couldn't practice orthopedic medicine here as he did for 20 years in china.  i felt real affection for this immigrant. 

behind a screen with my new chinese friends, i laid down and literally exposed myself to the treatment.  it was a funny scene - i was on my stomach with my trousers down, underpants rolled back and this gorgeous chinese woman inserting needles in the left side of my bottom, and the older man at my side and going on and on that "australian english is rubbish", not what he learned in china and the people sound as if they are "speaking with their mouths full of water."   i laughed inside, tried not to feel too vulnerable, and remained in that state for 30 minutes so the needles could take effect.  for part of that time, i had a brief tutorial on "chi" from this woman.  she explained to me that my chi will stay balanced as long as i eat and something comes out the other end on a daily basis and i get plenty of sleep - as simple as that.  i loved it so much that i went back for another round the next week. (sherry)

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