Thursday, July 12, 2007

forge weekend

this morning, geoff, billy and i will head to a northern suburb to help set up and begin the second forge intensive for 2007. it is hosted at a multi-congregational church - northern community church - a new type of missional/church revitalization effort here in oz among struggling denominations. the schedule for the next four days is full to say the least. today we will participate in a panel on sustaining disciplines and meet with accrediting students. tonight - mick and ruby duncan will speak (kiwis). tomorrow there will be sessions all day long, a dinner to send us off, and then the three of us share about communality (please pray). sunday we will shift the event to st. martin's church for the day. john smith will preach and we'll have lunch with the st marty's crew (a bit like a crazy meal we used to have at the high st house). billy will lead a session in the afternoon and we will have dinner with the interns. monday morning we will return to northern and finish up at 5 p.m. it promises to be fruitful and exhausting.


cityfrog said...

Ricky Bobby will be simply [sigh] stellar.

rev tc said...

carna cats!!

looking forward to seeing y'all at GB next month. zoe reckons she's coming this year too. but we'll only be there for the sat/sun.

boo the pies :(

geoff and sherry said...

hey leanne....ricky bobby is travelling beautifully at the moment. if he is not careful he'll be one of those minor christian celebs.

tc, big game today...go pies! i must admit i like watching those ablett boys go around so i won't be gutted if the pies get done....but those cats better get ready for a football lesson today. can't wait to see you at GB.