Tuesday, July 17, 2007

see you soon

the other day, i was sitting with isaac watching a wonderful, educating program on ABC (similar to PBS in the u.s.) called "play school."  it is a nice mix of things like mr. roger's, sesame st and captain kangaroo and a delightful alternative to cartoons. 

anyway, there was a guy on the program dancing around and isaac said "that looks like B" (he's referring to our housemate brad flowers whom he loves very much).  well the guy didn't look like B at all actually - he was shorter and stockier with black hair so i wasn't quite sure why he said it.  i asked him "why is he like B?" to which isaac responded "because he's silly like B."   knowing isaac misses B and our other friends, i reassured him that "you'll get to see B soon."  isaac paused, thought for a moment and responded "soon takes a long time."  we miss you B and laura and we'll see you in a little longer than soon.

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brad said...

isaac paul--i am excited to see you, too. as soon as you get home we will go on a long bike ride. --b