Thursday, July 19, 2007

taking off

sherry and i take off tomorrow morning for perth.  we are very happy about travelling across the country and spending a few days with the forge crew in western australia.  it is their turn for an intensive and we have been invited to share about sustainability, environemental issues, and discipleship in a consumer culture.  it is a great honor to do this and we are humbled by the opportunity.  we havn't been to perth before so we are experiencing the added excitement of a new place.


perth is where my great-grandfather eventually landed after jumping ship somewhere on the south coast of australia.  my nana (pictured here with my poppa) grew up there before marrying and coming over to victoria.  these family links make perth all the more interesting a place to visit.  we will be staying with the very kind hamos

isaac paul is staying here in melbourne with his grandma and poppa.  hopefully he will be merciful to them and they will survive 5 days of uninterrupted energy.  if we get a chance we'll post here otherwise we'll report in next wednesday.

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