Wednesday, August 22, 2007

days in london


we have been here in london for a week and we thought it might be time to jot down some notes about the last seven days.

  • jet lag wasn't too taxing...four or five days of very early mornings (two, three, and four a.m.).  now we are on greenwich mean time.
  • as we adjusted we stayed local and wandered around the parks and streets of hackney...victoria park was a highlight with isaac.
  • saturday - we all took the train to kew for a day at the botanical gardens.  it was a stunning place to witness the majesty and variety of creation.
  • sunday - this was my (geoff's) birthday and we spent the day walking around the city (Shakespeare's globe theatre, the south bank of the thames, and the tate modern)  we enjoyed a picnic at the tate and a birthday dinner at home with rachel's famous chocolate cake.
  • monday -  another local day...parks and grocery shopping.
  • tuesday - in the morning we went with rach and the kids to the thames barrier park and then isaac, sherry, and i went into the city for a leisurely stroll up and down charing cross road and the alley-ways of soho.  later in the afternoon we met up with andy and before catching a double decker bus home, we visited a fantastic waterstones book-store on gower st (a new favorite).
  • now it's wednesday and we are packing for greenbelt.  clinton and lisa (dear friends from lexington) arrive tomorrow morning and sometime after lunch we will drive to cheltenham.

here are some pics..more to see at our flickr page (click on the images or the link down there on the right).




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Anonymous said...

hey guys, make sure you put in a good word for netti and I at greenbelt! Will hopefully catch you back home!