Sunday, August 5, 2007


for the last several days, the three of us have been sick with colds and housebound.  in addition, the wilson family has been weathering particularly rotten jetlag - 10 hour time difference that has them up all hours of the night.  so together, we've been relaxing, catching up, reading, watching tv, playing games, knitting and a bit bored, which leads us to do this kind of thing to our child

Aug 07 001

we've finished most of our packing, consolidating, and organizing for london and our final trip home.  we've already said most of our good-byes.  today geoff's grandparents pass through town for a day on their way to perth.  certainly they will enjoy the chance to see grand- and great-grandchildren together.


Will said...

Regarding the picture, well, all I can do is quote Hank Hill: "Bobby, that ain't right."

I speak for many on this side of the ocean when I say we are anxious for your return. Love you guys!

Josh Cashion said...

wow. you really were bored. look me up when you get back.

Marie Eldridge said...

I love the pic of Issac and the curlers. Anxiously awaiting your arrival soon! Take Care!