Thursday, August 2, 2007

some quotes from jackie

during the UNOH weekend we had the disturbing pleasure to hear jackie pullinger speak multiple times.  this woman is something else.  her message, which comes out of 40 years in hong kong working in some of the toughest conditions of mission, is often polarizing - either it rivets people to respond or repulses people to anger.  all i know is that she has a remarkable perspective.  here are a few choice statements she made:

"self-pity is an extremely unattractive quality in missionaries."

"the devil wants to convince you that dying is the worst thing."

"it is very much easier to do what god made you for than not."

in reference to her life-long commitment to hong kong she said, "i really liked being there.  this is not brave me.  i gained everything by leaving (the UK for hong kong).

"we are impatient because we expect to see fruit from our labors.  if we try to justify our journey then we are lost."

"the opposite of patience is not impatience, but unbelief."

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