Sunday, September 16, 2007

the best coffee shop

lexington has a weekly entertainment paper that gives annual awards of  the "best of..." to local shops, businesses, art, restaurants, etc.  this year we celebrated with pat at third st coffee for winning best coffee shop in lexington.  it is good to be home and return to the familiar and yet see with fresh eyes.  third street is a critical space in our lives (located in our neighborhood and across from isaac's new school) as a place to meet up, gather, and go to get work done.  since being home, pat (the owner) and the staff have welcomed us back so generously.  as we've spent time at this beloved place catching up with other people, we've observed how it serves as a crossroads.  we've seen parents from sayre, teachers, old workmates, and friends we know throughout lexington.  pat is a model business owner, an involved citizen and a committed activist.  she is also an artist that loves kids.


as i was looking for a link, i found this article from the u. of kentucky campus paper and it actually has us in the picture (see james, lisa, me, maria, seamus, and jen).  this photo was taken last december while we were hosting a letter-writing campaign at the coffee shop.  we chose a different issue for each week of advent and prepared letters to our legislators.  pat was very much in support of our using third street to do it.   

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Neal said...

That cafe looks so inviting and like home! Mmm wish I could join you guys for a brew! Miss you guys at our staff meeting today @ Tabor. Next time we should meet there (I wish!).
Love & Blessings to you all from Mooroolbark (Melbourne)!