Monday, September 10, 2007

the blessing of daniel

last night we gathered for our weekly fellowship meeting.  for us, it was a pleasure just to be there, to be reunited with our family of faith.  it was a special night however because as a group we joined the leffel family in praying for and sending out their son daniel.  today he leaves for the peace corp.  he'll be serving two years in senegal, africa.  he completed his studies at uni of kentucky and he will use his studies in language (french), economics and political science to assist in micro-enterprise where it is much-needed.

as we joined together to pray for him, two things were profoundly obvious.  the first was the power of the sacrifice of one life.  we've watched daniel grow into an adult over the last ten years.  he is bright and gifted and he is giving his future and his occupation over to the purposes of god.  i could not help but be deeply inspired.  the second was the unity.  for those moments, the room was filled with love and commitment as we stood before god in faith and entrusted daniel to god.  there were hands on my back and my hands touch and held those of others.  i didn't know who was around me and it didn't matter.  the space was shared and it was sacred.  i could not help but be deeply encouraged.

we will continue together to pray for daniel, his work and his family here.  and by god's grace and the faithfulness of the spirit we will be unified.  blessings daniel.

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