Tuesday, November 13, 2007

quote from the book i love

this book i'm reading - the beautiful life - is taking me to profoundly new places in my thinking.  if it weren't only available in england i'd get a copy for everybody.  from it, on a chapter about truth, comes this thought:

"a woman who had experienced emotional breakdown said that she had met the Devil in her visions and she recognised him for who he was because he had such hopeless eyes.  she said, 'you know, sin is not smoking too much or drinking too much.  it is something that grows inside you and makes you think you are right."


Maria Kenney said...

Perhaps I should get some while I'm here..? Thanks for both these quotes, and for the challenge and hope they convey. Missing all of you.

geoff and sherry said...

if you see copies, grab one or two - certainly worth it and i'd love another copy circulating in the community to study with others. we hope your travels are safe and good. we miss you too.

Maria Kenney said...

Got it! The only copy at the booksellers. Looking forward to starting it on the way home.

RICHARD said...

The Beautiful Life can be ordered at Amazon/US, both new and used. I found all of the other four titles ("books we are reading") at the Cobb Cty Library!