Monday, January 14, 2008

notes on incarnation

game time 2

well, it has taken me almost ten years of living here in Kentucky to finally worship at the local temple.  i am speaking of university of kentucky (UK) college basketball at rupp arena.  i did see U2 at rupp so the stadium has been blessed by the high priests of entertainment.  my brother, brad, scored us 2 free tickets for this weekends game and what a game it was.  UK (known as the wildcats) is one of the most storied college basketball programs in the country and is loved and loathed across the nation (perhaps in the same spirit as my dear collingwood magpies).  this year they are just worse than miserable and the whole state of kentucky is bewildered, frustrated, and angry.  they are not used to losing.  anyway, isaac and i walked down to the stadium (nice to live downtown) and joined the crowds to see them play Vanderbilt (who were unbeaten)  -  and our beloved wildcats managed to win!  isaac and i believe it had everything to do with our screaming and cheering...and also spelling out "C-A-T-S...CATS! CATS! CATS!" every two minutes.

so i am making the missionary journey of incarnation, learning to love the local team and the local sport.  it aint no Magpies at the G but is what they love here (and subsequently talk about in the pubs and bars).  while i make the transition, isaac gets the full, from-scratch treatment.  i am glad to raise him as a wildcats fan and a real kentuckian.  one other hurdle we had to overcome was a young star center playing for the opposition was an aussie over here on scholarship.  we didn't cheer for him once.  now that is real incarnation.

here is isaac taking in the action:

game time


dwain said...

you have a great eye!

james said...

i'm currently wiping a tear from my eye. . .i'm on my way tommorow to by my first batch of student priced tix, maybe i'll try and sneak you in as anna.

robbie said...

great story! i thought of you while watching the game here in the other Lex (VA) whenever the aussie was featured...