Thursday, January 24, 2008

winter blues

truly, winter is wearing me out.  this morning as we rushed to de-ice the car and get isaac ready for school in the gray semi-darkness, i said to geoff "i'm tired of winter."  after record freezing temperatures, a dead stove, a burst bathroom pipe that has shut down our shower completely, a frozen washer, and days of snow and ice, i'm done.

immediately as i began to whinge, it dawned on me that our winter blues, which are out of character for the two of us who welcome the dormant cold, are raging on because this is our second winter of the year.  we ended our time in australia in august of 2007 just as their winter was giving way to spring.  now a winter in australia is a quite a delight compared to the frozen terrain here, but it was dark, wet and dreary nonetheless.  the days were short and light fleeting.  now those short days are adding up.  travel around the world  has afforded us the strange opportunity to defy seasonal rhythms and we are experiencing the unnatural phenomenon of two winters in one year.

in addition, with a desire to conserve and a need to save money, our house runs about 58 - 60 degrees(f)  with parts of the house staying in the 40s (about 5 celsius) all the time - oh the love of an old home.  right now, as i stay warm in the coffeeshop, the snow and the wind blow outside at the tune of 7 for -14 c.  woe is me.


A good Man said...

I'm with you! When we got out to walk the dog this morning, NPR said it was -11 degrees with a -35 wind chill. That is unnecessary.

WITWATW said...

Oh you poor things. Wish you were here with us, it was 32 deg, humid and sticky here in Cairns, and the kids swam for about 4 hours in the salt water pool to keep it cool. Sorry its so cold there. LUV YAS - and will send some pics soon xxxx

Josh Cashion said...

hey maddocks!!! we need to get together soon. give me a call 858.9456 or email me: look forward to seeing you.