Thursday, February 21, 2008

the flu

this illness has laid my husband low.  for the last 10 days geoff has been terribly sick with the flu.  what started as fever that geoff seemed to catch from isaac became full-blown into days of fever, a chest infection, an ear infection and, on the side, a painful outbreak of fever blisters in his nose.  he is on two different anti-biotics and painkillers for his ear.  he is still unable to spend much time out of bed and his pajamas hang on his skinny frame.  in the ten years of knowing geoff, i've never seen him so ill.

in addition to his poor health, we've had bitter winter temperatures, snow last week and a promised winter ice storm later today (walking isaac to school this morning my face burned with a wind chill of 8, -13 C).  in one of our flower beds there were tiny tips of tulips come early that are now that strange dark green of dead, frozen foliage.  winter doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

we are reminded of the miracle and gift of good health we take for granted daily.  much of our mundane activities of life are actually filled with the privilege of energy and vitality, movement and wellness.  grace comes in so many forms and yet is so overlooked and unacknowledged.

last night, geoff was already in bed and i put isaac between us to read him a hefty stack of books before bed.  isaac looked at the books excitedly and snuggled in and said "this is the best day of my life."

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WITWATW said...

Get better soon Geoff, your in our prayers. xxxx Isaac is SO funny. xx