Sunday, March 2, 2008

oh the sunshine

with the last two days of sunshine breaking through our windows and our bones, i realize just how deeply my winter fatigue had settled in.  in these last weeks i've joined the ranks of the best of the winter whingers and my longing for spring is unprecedented.  not only did the calendar flip ahead to march 1st over the weekend, the weather has warmed (if only temporarily) and the sun is coming up before 7 am.  as i woke this morning, my heart beat faster at the thought of working in the garden today and checking on our emerging seedlings in the kitchen. 

first seedlings 08

in addition to having two winters this year (with travel to australia), it has also been a year and a half since i've properly worked the soil in any capacity.  it wasn't until this beloved sunshine pierced our dawn that i recognized the full impact of my separation anxiety from outside.  whatever free time we have today, it's going to be in the garden.


WITWATW said...

soak up those rays! Glad you finally getting some warmth. xxxxx (ps. it was 13 deg. this morning when we woke up, and EVERYONE is complaing about the cold. We are such a big bunch of wooses. xxx)

Dick said...

WOW!! You are ahead a me in getting seeds in the ground. However, I did have a few spinich plants that survived the winter, and are really growing now!

maria said...

I have high hopes for seedlings... next year. This year, we'll just stick the seeds in the ground and pray for 'em!