Friday, March 28, 2008

to the deep south

yesterday, jodie, asher, isaac and i drove out of lexington heading south to birmingham. we left behind 50 degree temps and heavy rain. after we passed through nashville spring began to emerge fully. jodie is from b'ham and she returned to celebrate asher's first birthday with her family. my sister and her family live here so isaac and i came to have a few restful days with them.

we were here about three minutes yesterday when the yellow, dusty pollen began to collect on our car. the trees are glorious in full bloom and flowers are everywhere. as we drove in, we put the windows down and welcomed the gentle warm temperatures of spring. our bodies relaxed and we inhaled. with a body clock on eastern time, isaac woke me this morning well before dawn. dacy was kind enough to send me out the door on a walk as she sat with isaac. the pre-dawn noise of spring was stunning. the insects and birds (and the absence of urban sounds we're so accustomed to) surrounded me as i walked up and down the hills of this b'ham neighborhood. prayers came very easily in the stillness and i relished a start to the day with nothing ahead but my favorite local bakery and time with family.

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