Saturday, April 5, 2008

chesterton on gratitude

"the modern world has had far too little understanding of the art of keeping young.  its notion of progress had been to pile one thing on top of another, without caring if each thing was crushed in turn.  people forgot that the human soul can enjoy a thing most when there is time to think about it and be thankful for it."

-g.k. chesterton

this quote inspired our family as we started the weekend.  together we will join others at the community garden for the first real start day (neighbors are signing up for plots), attend asher's first birthday party, dine with the kovacevics tonight and watch a little ncaa b'ball with the leffels. 

after traveling for six days (isaac and i), we are particularly grateful for our time together as a family and for the simple things we do.  we are so glad it is april.  we are so glad it is spring and our seeds are piercing the soil.  we are so glad our friends are like family to us and with them we celebrate life.

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