Tuesday, April 8, 2008

an ideas man

today geoff and i were negotiating our schedules and running through the upcoming weekend with schools for conversion (held in lexington by communality).  as we discussed a grocery list and breakfast food we need to prepare for our guests over the weekend, isaac interrupted and said - "i know, i have a great idea.  let's set up a stand in the front yard and sell eggs on toast."

we anticipate this weekend with real excitement but  leading up to it we are juggling alot, living by lists and competing for every last minute to get things done (community garden, n'hood assc meeting, non-profit work, odds and ends with krm, in addition to geoff's going to cincinnati tomorrow for homeland security fingerprints for citizenship).  we have meeting schedules at both ends of the day while the garden is constantly beckoning in the background (weeds and seedlings). 

at the end of all this is a trip to the beach.  once we get to sunday night we'll have only one thing ahead of us - five days of rest and solitude on the coast of north carolina with our friends the kochs.

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WITWATW said...

Ha ha ha....he IS an ideas man! He will be doing a 'ole' out the back before you know it. Glad your enjoying your busy lives, and that you have a break coming up. Enjoy! xxxxx