Wednesday, July 30, 2008

missing memories

from a book on marginless living:

"my chinese side wonders why americns are so uneasy with time on their hands and must busy themselves with activities, the sweatier the better.  why do they keep changing their minds and ways, jobs and towns and spouses?...americans are a self-selected breed programmed by their genes to be forever on the go and cursed by the fates never to enjoy luxuriating in the material comforts and spiritual splendors of home.  is it any wonder then that they are always asking themselves who they are?  they just don't stay put or reflect long enough to find out."       - wife of a chinese ambassador

like everyone else we are busy.  but more than that, our lives are rich and full and good.  this past weekend we had a memorable time with my family and with our friends and supporters.  on sunday, we packed up before the church service was winding down and set out for home because we had things awaiting us.  we launched into this week of hosting some youth from montana with lists to do and meetings to attend.  the sweet thoughts of last weekend were washed away by the immediate before they could solidify as memories.

reading this excerpt this morning, this insight from an outsider, i was convicted.  the rich, full, goodness of our lives is a gift from god that goes unappreciated a good part of the time as we live under swamped schedules.  there is nothing noble about being busy.  i feel shame and regret when i cannot properly cherish a given moment or a recent memory because of an unbalanced pace of life. 

certainly we don't have answers and we haven't lived long enough to be wise but i know i don't like regrets.  maybe the inconveniences and the slow things of life that are to be avoided are the very things that can bring us to change course.  lesson for me this week - as this book repeatedly teaches, less is almost always more.

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