Friday, October 17, 2008

an alarming fire

the building next to us caught fire last tuesday night.  our neighbor knocked over a candle and his place went up in flames...quite the adrenalin rush.  i was putting isaac to bed and he spotted the flames leaping from our neighbors window toward his bedroom window.  the heat pulsed through isaac's open shutter.  no one was hurt.  so now the sad little four-plex sits only had two renters anyway.  here are a few snaps from the night.  i didn't get any good shots when the flames were roaring and the windows were popping...poor little isaac was beside himself and needed my undivided attention.  i'll try and forgive him.


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DICK said...

So glad that no one in any of the houses was injured. Hope that Isaac has recovered from the fright! Quite an observant 5 year old.