Wednesday, October 22, 2008


someone said to me the other day, "i'm the richest person in the world...warren buffett has nothing on me!"  they were joyfully expressing gratitude for the circumstances of their life....the joy of family and learning and fellowship.  we can honestly echo this.  an embarrassment of riches that is hard to see from certain places.  we live in a neighborhood that has struggles, to be sure.  yet this place also has remarkable, incomparable grace and goodness.  this was again clear to us when we spent some time with kids in our neighborhood making cookies.  here is isaac taking it all in.  please pray (if you're the praying kind) for this little place of hope...for the staff and volunteers who are so very loving and gracious.  if we are so fortunate as to witness the breaking in of God's kingdom in this time and place then i'm expecting such breaking in to happen in places like this where love is a verb.


sorgum cookies

sorgum cookies

sorgum cookies

sorgum cookies


steve and randel hambrick said...

AMAZING photos.. i especially adore the headshot of isaac!!!

WITWATW said...

Lovely post guys! Wish we were there to work along side. Loving you!! xxx

Marie Eldridge said...


Thanks for putting these pics of the cafe' on here! They look awesome, and the kids will be so excited to see them.