Monday, October 6, 2008

promises, promises...

we've been rubbish at keeping this thing up to date. sorry. 

we just had a full and wonderful weekend hosting some dear new friends from the nashville area.  seven people interested in community gardens and intentional community living came to hang out and ask good questions about our life together.  they were most gracious guests and we are excited about how God will fold them into God's plans for that part of Tennessee. 

isaac is well and enjoying his schooling.  he is also becoming quite the lego-builder.  he is developing a great sense of humor and is even working on his a recent conversation about our prayers for rain (we are in a drought here presently) isaac lamented the fact that we had been praying EVERY day but it had not rained in weeks....he asked quite honestly, "has God lost his strength?"

please feel free to submit your answer to such a sophisticated question from a 5-year old... :)

...and in case you have forgotten what we look we are with Geoff's mum and dad.


...and just us.   IMG_1459


we promise we will keep this blog up to date.  promise.


forinstance guild said...

yes please do... I miss you guys.

Sorry Geoff but Collingwood imploded this year.

forinstance guild said...

Ooops I was signed into the wrong google account.

That was Phil Mccredden that left that last comment about the pies!

steve and randel hambrick said...

i like seeing your faces :)

geoff and sherry said...

hey you wonderful mccreddens...we miss you two, too! those pies broke my heart again. i did get to watch the adelaide game live in local irish (themed) pub. great game and i watched it with a bloke from adelaide so i enjoyed giving him a hard time. hopeful about next year...but aren't we always :)

hambricks...lookiong fwd to seeing you later this month. we'll call soon.