Thursday, November 27, 2008


yesterday we  had a day out as a family.  we planned ahead to eat out and see an afternoon movie.  along the way, in a parking lot, we ran into our friends, the kovacevics, and their son tarik (isaac's 6 year old friend) joined us for the movies.  isaac had chosen madagascar 2.  as we approached the theatre to buy tickets, my saintly husband said there's no sense in both of us sitting through a movie we don't want to see, why don't you go see the newly released "australia."  a generous, unexpected gift - a movie all to myself.

what a film.  while geoff had to burn up time on both ends of their animated flic with two boys playing video games, i sat through an epic story covering a bit of australia's history during world war II and the tragic circumstances of the aboriginal "stolen generation."  one of the writer's of the film is richard flanagan.  he is by far and away one of my favorite novelists with his mythical works of magical realism.  his artistic contributions, paired with baz luhrmann, produced a magnificent work.  hugh jackman was quite fine on the eyes too.  i cried and cried and allowed myself to be easily swept up into the strange and mysterious outback and the lure of the gritty aussie accent (which reminded me of one of the many reasons i love being married to an australian).  seeing it, savoring it, was the best kind of a holiday movie experience.  such a treat.

now for some pecan pie. 


WITWATW said...

Oh i am SO glad you loved it. I cant wait to go and see it. Glad you got such a lovely treat xxxx

Alexander said...

If you're a Richard Flanagan fan, keep an eye out his newest novel, WANTING. It's a return to the GOULD'S BOOK OF FISH mold... an incredible story, and beautifully written. Can't wait to see AUSTRALIA!