Monday, November 3, 2008

visiting "celebrity"

for the last eighteen months, we've met people all over the world that are reading (and being turned upside down by) a book written by shane claiborne called  "the irresistible revolution."  in response to this gentle but radical text, many folks have contacted us or communality and have come to visit.  tomorrow our friend shane will be at asbury seminary, on this monumental election day, to talk about his newest book, "jesus for president."  from this, shane proclaims over and over again that how we live on nov 3rd and 5th matters far more than how we vote on nov 4th.

we were invited to come out and join shane for a small portion of this event.  tomorrow, before shane speaks, geoff will join him for a taped interview from asbury seminary.  after the ats chapel where shane will speak, jodie and i will participate with him in a panel discussion.  since our inception ten years ago, communality has been a sister community to the simple way in philly.  jodie and i will sit alongside this reluctant celebrity and national face of the new monasticism movement, offering ourselves as representatives and ordinary folk of a local new monastic community.

in the herald-leader this past weekend there was an article featuring shane and this visit to kentucky (and they even mention communality :) -


Michael said...

Reluctant? Shane's fantastic, but not reluctant to be a celebrity.

geoff and sherry said...

you're not wrong - i can hardly believe that guy. while being on a panel with him, jodie and i could hardly get a word in edgewise. love to your family.