Friday, December 19, 2008

consistently good recipes

during the last month it has been a joy to return to cooking/baking more regularly and to try out the always good recipes from cook's illustrated.  i posted two recipes on the side that i have made multiple times and they are outstanding.  this morning, within the time it takes to make simple, straightforward biscuits, i made these scones for geoff to take to a meeting.  unbelievably good for such little effort.   i cannot take much credit as a good cook with these things.  the recipes that the cooks illustrated folks produce have been tested to perfection and they lead the most novice of cooks to success.  based on my penchant for cookbooks and foodie magazines that borders on pathological, i find that the cook's illustrated publications are truly worth buying.  in particular, the 2008 holiday issue promises lasting delight.

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