Friday, December 12, 2008

an interest in vikings

since the time when isaac was just toddling, we've taken him to the downtown public library.  early on he could only play with the wooden puzzles and the puppets in the corner.  over time, he learned where the classic comics of superman and batman are shelved.   he went through a phase during which he obsessed over human anatomy.  he would run through the stacks right to the books about the body.  as a family, we have a long history with the library

today, while doing a few errands, isaac asked me seven times if we would make it to the library.  we raced in briefly (as a gentle, late afternoon  snow fell outside) in search of information on the vikings.   i was finishing up a phone call with my father as isaac ran ahead, trailing the librarian, and i heard him say to her, "i'd just like to know more about the vikings." 

the words brought my heart great pleasure.  i felt liked we'd arrived as a family - that three of us share a passion and a joy for books.  our little one, at one time too small to read or pick up books, declared his interest in a specific subject and pulled books from the shelf to check out.  such a parental delight.


maria said...

Love this. Happy for you!

WITWATW said...

This is SO great! xxx