Sunday, January 25, 2009

the good old muppets

thanks to the library's video collection, this weekend our family has enjoyed being reunited (and introduced to) the original muppet tv series.  last night, just before bed, we sat with isaac and watch an hilarious skit with peter sellers - he plays a german scientist giving a brutal massage to a pig.

today, as i'm trying to get some work done at our computer in the bedroom upstairs, i can hear isaac below, all on his own, rolling on the floor in hysterics as he falls for the sweet and witty humor of those dear puppets.  i am thrilled that this good stuff transcends generations.

at the moment,  isaac is participating in a program at the library  - read 50 recommended kindergarten books.  it comes with a poster and bookmark with a checklist of all the books.  in the last week we've read 15.  we told him if we finish them all then maybe we can buy a muppet dvd of our own.


cityfrog said...

It's time to...

I'll have that going around in my head all day. And i won't mind a bit :)

WITWATW said...

We watched the whole series while in PNG, our kids also LOVED it! The got sick of me saying...'oh this ones my favorite!!' over and over! Sunday night memories! Sigh. (I think we watched COUNTDOWN just before the muppets...sunday night was a cracker telly night). Anway, wanted to wish you guys a happy Austrlia day, even though your in freezing Lexy. We are having the hottest week on record for 100 years. It sucks. Loving you all from over here as we swelter!! Ral xxxxxxx