Tuesday, January 20, 2009

seeds to come

seed party

it is so cold and dreary at the moment.  the best remedy for this, and the promise of things to come, is an order from a seed catalog.  this year, for the first time, we had the joy of doing this with some friends.  since you can rarely use all that comes in a seed packet, sharing is almost a necessity and from it creates a nice economy.

last night we gathered at the kochs (who must have hospitality fatigue from their unfailing generosity in making space at their table) with a samson family rep - will, and the colby family (community garden collaborators).  we read out all kinds of creative names of heirlooms and chimed in our orders as the list grew (included were merlin beets, bright lights chard, san marzano romas, parisian cucumbers, astro arugula, and butterball potatoes).  this year we'll try some new things - okra, peanuts, leeks, october beans, and a potted fig.

while there is still quite a lot of winter ahead of us (the sidewalks are frozen and snow is falling), our family came home with dreams of food in the backyard and green growth.

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