Thursday, February 26, 2009

lent begins

ash wed 09

we gathered together to celebrate ash wednesday last night.  lent has been an important time for us as a couple to renew our commitment to the kingdom and to be reminded of our mortality.  last night we remembered that "from dust we came and to dust we shall return."  in reading this remarkable book last week i was overwhelmed by the fact that we are 'dusty' beings - creatures with limits and reliant every minute on the gift of life from our creator.  the scriptures say that, "YHWH formed the human being, (adam) dust from the fertile soil (adama)." (gen 2:7) indeed we are dusty people.  humans from humus.

lent is a time for pondering the darkness in the hope that we will be shaped into the kind of people that will properly receive the light of a resurrected Lord.  we hope you will take this season to consider your mortality and your limits.  to employ fasting in such a way as to be freshly reminded that it is God who provides for us.

ash wed 09

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