Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the not so winter blues

again we have bitter, blustery winter weather here.  after a week of life being shut down by an ice storm, we have big, fluffy snow piling up outside and temperatures (with wind chill) dipping into negative numbers.

lexington winter storm jan 09

i spent the afternoon at the house of a friend working on a lot of loose ends with projects and talking, very productively, through some issues for which i needed counsel.  i walked home at dusk, with snow blowing around me like a dust storm, to a warm house.  my darling husband had managed to make a chinese lantern with isaac, bake a loaf of bread, pressure cook beans, and make a huge pot of soup for our wednesday evening gathering. 

the three of us had dinner and talked about the day's event.  over a dessert of ice cream and chocolate sauce, geoff and isaac played chess as i read the local paper.

these winter storms are incredibly inconvenient,  proving to be quite dangerous and even lethal.  but, they are not all that bad.  nature's rhythm forces us to slow and we find time we didn't think we had.  it puts us close together indoors and this cold feels like it slows our heart rates and puts us to bed early.  for those of us who have our electricity, what a welcome change of pace.

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