Saturday, February 7, 2009

sunny saturday

our family was so happy to start the weekend.  as we read the paper in the bed this morning, isaac sat at the end of our bed at the touch screen computer playing a chess game.  he logged into our music catalog and cleverly put on the beatles, specifically their well-loved song "here comes the sun."  after such nasty and bitter weather, this saturday will bring us much warmer temperatures and some sun.

it is a good day for temperate weather because later this afternoon we will gather with some others to nut out the details of an urban orchard in our neighborhood.  a neighbor and good friend has been working on this project with me for half a year since we first hatched this idea back in the warm months of summer.  since that time we were graced with grants (including one from the city) and we've planned a three site orchard within one block of our home.  this idea was inspired by in boston who have 20 years experience putting fruit trees in urban space (

today, we will have a well-known local grower consult with us on this effort.  his family owns an orchard - reed valley orchard - where we pick fruit in season (pears, apples, blueberries, blackberries).  they also sell their produce at our local farmer's market.   yesterday, rona and i were giddy at thought of this all coming together - a sweet dream of neighborhood fruit and nut trees born on their porch swing last july.


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