Friday, March 20, 2009

go green

clip_image001check out this wonderful new book by our friend nancy sleeth.  a comprehensive and creative exploration of all things 'green'.  have you ever felt inspired to do your part about the environmental crisis but ultimately fallen short of your own ideals?  The scale of our wanton wastefulness and this desperate hour for our planet combine to paralyze the ones we have been waiting for: us!  This book combines everyday advice with global insight so that, finally, we can join the dots between air drying our laundry and global warming, driving less and atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, switching out light-bulbs and mountain top removal.  Nancy has artfully combined thorough, up to date research, personal stories, and practical advice to make a way for creative, sustainable, life-giving sacrifice.  This is a fantastic resource for any household wanting to understand and practice the twin aspirations of Christian faithfulness and green living.

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