Sunday, March 15, 2009

the quotidian fragrances of the kitchen

we spent a good part of our sunday gettting ahead with baking/cooking for the week.  it was delightful to spend the morning in the kitchen as a family.  in a few hours time we managed to roast a chicken (an old rooster actually that geoff, himself, slaughtered), make a rich batch of stock and bake eight loaves of bread ( 4 whole grain, 1 white sandwich, 3 sourdough).

when it was finally time to set out from the house and take care of a few errands, i raced upstairs to change clothes.  as i came out into the upstairs hall i was hit with a delightful aroma from downstairs - rosemary, garlic, warm bread.  these were the most ordinary of fragrances that brought great comfort and seemed the perfect collection of smells for a rainy sunday.

at the moment geoff is reading a book called "the quotidian mysteries."  quotidian, being such an uncommon word, actually means ordinary or commonplace.  we continue to discover that the sweetest stuff of life is almost always wrapped in the ordinary.

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